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A Couple of Minor "Rules"

I do ask just a few things to keep this wikia readable and easy to access.

1. Please capatalize names and anything else. PLEASE. For example, please don't just put "Jade west". Please put "Jade West" like it should be.

2. Please don't put everything in a big paragraph. Try to space it appropriately. If you start a new idea, please start it on a new line.

3. It seems that the character pages have already been given a format by some of the editors. Please follow that but use the rules that I listed above.

That's all I ask. Other than that, this is free to all of you to edit what you like and add what you want. Enjoy! :)

Welcome to the The Hunger Games: Victorious Style Series Wiki

It was asked that I create a wiki about this series. I think it's a good idea. That way I can put all the information you need right here. So...enjoy, explore!

A Note Before You Dig In...

Here you will find everything from the characters to locations to relationships when it comes to my (BraveAtHeart's on Hunger Games: Victorious Style series. I hope that you enjoy this wiki and if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know on the talk page or PM me on if you want.

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